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American Superstar Magazine and Patch Praise Cranston in The Lincoln Lawyer

This week American Superstar Magazine chats with Bryan Cranston about good writing and The Lincoln Lawyer, while Patch lauds the actor for his role in the movie.

Bryan Cranston talks to American Superstar Magazine about the importance of good writing: “It doesn’t matter to me what medium something is. It could be a children’s play. If it’s well-written, I could be very interested in doing it.”

Patch‘s review of The Lincoln Lawyer calls Bryan Cranston “the best actor currently working on TV” while lauding his “small but very enjoyable role as a cop” in the film.

Michaela Conlin talks to PopEater and compliments Bryan Cranston, her co-star in The Lincoln Lawyer: “He was so generous and so smart. I learned so much just from standing next to him. It was like taking a master class in acting.”

TV Squad points to Breaking Bad while arguing that AMC “has become a breeding ground for high-quality drama.”

Screen Junkies names Giancarlo Esposito in its list of the 10 best movies with black actors, explaining that No. 5, Malcolm X, “introduced a bevy of future TV and movie stars, including Giancarlo Esposito, Laurence Fishburne, Tisha Campbell, Samuel L. Jackson, John Turturro, Jasmine Guy and Denzel Washington.”

A Daemon’s TV review of last week’s episode of CSI: Miami mentions guest star Raymond Cruz: “I freaking love this guy. He’s as type-cast as they come, but I thought he was amazing as Tuco on Breaking Bad.”

JohnJohnSaidIt notes that you can find Bob Odenkirk in Chicago in June at the TBS Presents a “very Funny” Festival: Just for Laughs.

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