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ScreenCrave Notes Cranston’s Role in Larry Crowne, EW Lauds Him in The Lincoln Lawyer

This week Entertainment Weekly Hails Bryan Cranston’s performance in The Lincoln Lawyer, while ScreenCrave anticipates Breaking Bad‘s star in July’s Larry Crowne.

• The trailer for the Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts movie Larry Crowne (opening July 1) is out, and ScreenCrave remarks that the film has “a murderer’s row of support, including Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston.”

The Lincoln Lawyer opens this week and, among the draws, according to Entertainment Weekly, is “Bryan Cranston (with more hair than on Breaking Bad) in a small, swell role as a hard-ass homicide detective.”

In The Morning Call, actress Michaela Conlin (Fox’s Bones) compliments Bryan Cranston, her co-star in The Lincoln Lawyer: “I didn’t watch Breaking Bad before working with him because I didn’t want to be starstruck. I watched the show afterward and I was just blown away.”

The Los Angeles Times laments that Bryan Cranston (and Aaron Paul too) won’t be eligible for Emmys this year: “Cranston was on track to make Emmy history at this year’s ceremony by winning four in a row.”

The Boston Globe notes Breaking Bad in its piece on TV viewing habits, explaining how now that TV shows can be watched anywhere, anytime, the old rules don’t apply: “…eight years from now, or maybe 15, someone is going to discover Breaking Bad for the first time… Breaking Bad, a current cultural touchstone, will be a brand new revelation to them.”

The Hollywood Reporter writes about cable networks turning to scripted shows and cites AMC, which became “a mighty presence of original programming. Mad Men kicked in the door, and Breaking Bad knocked it off its hinges.”

indieWIRE notes that Betsy Brandt has a role in Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, a new film currently in post-production that the publication is “rooting for.”

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