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Breaking Bad Competes in Hulu Tournament; HitFix Hopes for a Mad Men Showdown


This week Breaking Bad advances in Hulu‘s Best in Show tournament by defeating FX’s Sons of Anarchy, while Macleans features the series in a piece about whether it’s best to watch a television show from the beginning.

Hulu‘s Best in Show tournament pits Breaking Bad against Fox’s House. (Vote today!) HitFix notes, “I’ll be most curious to see if Mad Men and Breaking Bad can beat, respectively… Burn Notice and House, which would lead to an epic round 3 showdown between TV’s two best dramas.”

A Macleans story on whether it’s best to watch a TV series from the beginning cites Breaking Bad: “There’s nothing wrong with starting in the middle of Breaking Bad and then going back to see how the characters got to be the way they were when we met them.” reports on Giancarlo Esposito’s appearance at the Atlantic Theater Company’s spring gala in New York City. American Superstar (which has a photo) and the Huffington Post note that he also showed up at the premiere of the film Limitless.

Bleacher Report highlights MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter Keith Jardine — who made an uncredited appearance as a bar fighter in Season 3, Episode 3, “I.F.T.” — as a potential action star.

• Product placement was a topic of discussion at an American Association of Advertising Agency meeting, Broadcasting & Cable reports, with AMC’s Charlie Collier noting that AMC is “not averse to putting products into its shows like Breaking Bad, when it can be done organically and fit in with the story and characters.”

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