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What You’re Saying About Future Seasons of Breaking Bad

The commenters this week pondered the future of Breaking Bad, wondering when their beloved drama will reach its conclusion.

• “It’s been weighing heavy on my mind lately: How many more seasons of our favorite show ARE there left to go? While we all wish it could go on forever, there is this sinking feeling in my heart that the 4th season may be its last.” — diksee

• “It was Vince’s original idea that the show would last four seasons but seeing how the show has progressed story wise and in terms of character development, I’m almost sure that season four won’t be its last!” — Quebrando Mal

• “I think I read something somewhere about Vince Gilligan discussing… the subject of how many more seasons the show might run. I think it’s good when the people behind a show have a plan.” — rockmama

• “Will there be enough characters alive at the series conclusion to cast a movie?” — Tony Almeida

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