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Boston Globe and Gawker Rank Breaking Bad Among the Best of 2010


The kudos keep coming, with appearances this week for Breaking Bad on several publications’ year-end lists, while Bryan Cranston chats with and TV Guide reports that Aaron Paul will return for the Big Love series finale.

The Boston Globe includes Breaking Bad on its list of TV’s top shows this year: “Everything about this show is top-notch, from the acting and writing to the spectacular cinematography (by Michael Slovis) that frames each shot precisely and artfully.” Breaking Bad also appears on Gawker‘s favorite TV of 2010 list: “A true crime show that also manages to be a spectacularly moving and terribly believable human drama.”

Newsday, the St. Petersburg Times and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch all rank Breaking Bad at No. 2 on their lists of the year’s best TV. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram puts it in third place, while the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette places it at No. 6.

The Detroit Free Press‘s top moments in TV include Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad‘s “breathtaking” third season.

Bryan Cranston chats with about why he doesn’t know what’s going to happen in Season 4: “This is such a journey for Walter White. He doesn’t know what’s happening, from moment to moment, so I didn’t want to ruin it.”

TV Guide reports that Aaron Paul will return to Big Love for the Series Finale in March.

LAist includes interviews with Bob Odenkirk and Betsy Brandt in a list of its top 10 interviews of the year, complimenting Odenkirk as “fantastic” on Breaking Bad and Brandt as a “great actor who is also an incredibly nice person.”

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