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Breaking Bad Tops EW‘s Top 10, Movieline Hails Episode 7 in Year’s Best List


Breaking Bad appeared at the top of Entertainment Weekly‘s list of the year’s best TV shows, while Movieline and TV Guide heap praise on Season 3’s best moments.

Entertainment Weekly places Breaking Bad at No. 1 on its top 10 list, citing how the drama is “forever grappling with questions of morality and mortality, but not in the usual manner.”

At No. 2 on Movieline‘s list of the year’s top TV episodes is Season 3 Episode 7 (“One Minute”), which “saw enough unexpected gunfire and supercharged betrayal to fuel our nightmares for years.”

TV Guide‘s top 10 saw AMC at No. 6, complimenting the network for Breaking Bad‘s “unsparingly suspenseful third season of moral contamination” and citing Episode 7 as “the most gripping episode of anything I saw all season.”

Aaron Paul lands at No. 57 on USA Today‘s list of 100 People of 2010, lauding the actor for his “multi-layered performance on Breaking Bad.”

The Wrap calls Bryan Cranston’s best actor Golden Globe nomination “long overdue.” Deadline Hollywood comments, “It’s hard to believe that, with his 3 straight Emmy Awards, Bryan Cranston just landed his first Golden Globe nomination for his role on Breaking Bad.”

Bryan Cranston tells the Los Angeles Times that his Golden Globe nomination “will hopefully open up a more global spyglass for the show.” In the same vein, USA Today quotes Cranston saying that maybe the nomination “means that internationally audiences will have an opportunity to take a look at our show and hook on to (its) addictive quality.” He also tells Entertainment Weekly regarding his nomination, he’s “thrilled on many different levels.”

Variety had Bryan Cranston’s reaction to the early-morning phone calls alerting him to award nominations: “You think no one ever calls at that hour unless it’s bad news. I know that in the future when I get a phone call to tell me someone’s died, I’m going to answer it like, ‘Really? I was nominated?'”

The Wrap writes about AMC giving creative freedom to its show-runners, and quotes Vince Gilligan crediting the network for being able “to tell the type of stories I’ve never been allowed to tell elsewhere.”

• At Rabbit Hole‘s New York premiere, Giancarlo Esposito relates an anecdote to New York Magazine about saving Nicole Kidman from a paparazzo: “That was my Academy Award performance!”

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