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Breaking Bad Is Time‘s No. 1 Show of 2010, Recommends Series Marathon

Breaking Bad lands at the top of the heap of Time‘s list of the year’s best TV shows, while and HitFix highly recommend the full-series encores on Wednesday nights.

Time‘s list of the year’s top TV shows ranks Breaking Bad squarely at the top, citing the drama’s “new and higher gear in its third season, becoming at once more sweepingly grand and more devastatingly intimate.”

Time also listed “One Minute” (Season 3, Episode 7) at No. 4 in its list of TV’s Top 10 Episodes of 2010, commenting that the episode’s closing minutes “perfectly captured Breaking Bad‘s juxtaposition of the operatic and the mundane.” Episodes 10, 12 and 13 made the magazine’s honorable mentions list. was full of praise for Breaking Bad and recommended the marathon: “If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch this brilliant show, tonight’s the night. You can thank me later.” HitFix also hypes the encores of “one of the best dramas on TV.”

Variety reports that Breaking Bad landed three WGA nominations, while The Wrap points out that Breaking Bad was “the most nominated of any drama.”

The Hollywood Reporter‘s new TV critic introduces himself to readers noting, “Though I’m always going to prefer The Wire and The Sopranos and Mad Men and Breaking Bad, sometimes a well-done procedural that satisfies will do.”

Danny Trejo (Tortuga) appeared on this week’s episode of Modern Family as Gus the custodian. “Nice to see he’s still got a good head on his shoulders,” Time jokes. HitFix liked seeing “Danny Trejo in a relatively normal, non-machete-wielding role.”

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Bob Odenkirk (and Mad Men‘s Rich Sommer) have been cast in a romantic comedy, The Giant Mechanical Man, starring The Office‘s Jenna Fischer.

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