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Season 3 Episode 6, “Sunset” – Online Extras

In Episode 6 Hank comes closer than ever to revealing Walt’s secret, as well as his to own demise at the hands of Tuco’s Cousins. But if these close calls aren’t enough for you, get even closer with the following online extras for “Sunset”:

Production stills of Episode 6 and the rest of Season 3
An “Inside Breaking Bad” video that takes you behind the scenes of Episode 6
A video recap of Episode 6 that sums it up in brief
Videos of Episode 6’s most talked-about scenes
A Breaking Bad Insider Podcast for the episode
An online trivia quiz that tests your memory of the episode
• Something to say? Bring it up in the Talk Forum’s open thread for the episode

Download Hank’s “Marie” ring tone created by Breaking Bad composer Dave Porter*

Also worth your attention:

“The Interrogation” Graphic Novel Game
Criminal Aptitude Test
Ten Baddest Moments
Hank’s Blog and Marie’s Blog

* This ringtone featured in episode 306 “Sunset” was created by the show’s composer, Dave Porter, and is presented with kind permission of Sony Pictures Television and Columbia Torch Music, Inc To download, right-click on the link (or if you have a Mac, press Ctrl + Click) and select “Save Link As…”

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