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Breaking Bad Inspired The Walking Dead‘s Lincoln, Mitte Debates Zombies vs. Vampires

This week, The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln describes prepping for AMC’s new series by watching Breaking Bad, while at Zap2It RJ Mitte talks zombies and vampires with Lindsey Haun (who has a role on the vampire show True Blood).

The Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln tells MTV he prepared for his role by studying Breaking Bad. The take-home lesson? “Trust the integrity of the story and the characters.”

RJ Mitte and his House of Last Things co-star Lindsey Haun debate zombies vs. vampires with Zap2It, and Mitte discloses that a chainsaw is a key part of his zombie preparedness plan.

Vince Gilligan appears at the Virginia Film Festival this weekend, providing live commentary for an episode of Breaking Bad.

Universal may release Larry Crowne, co-starring Bryan Cranston, on July 1, 2011, according to Coming

The Wall Street Journal reports that Bob Odenkirk appeared at the live simulcast of the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear in downtown Los Angeles last weekend.

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