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What You’re Saying About Skyler’s Gambling Cover Story


The commenters this week were ruminating about Skyler’s lie to her sister about the White family’s windfall — wondering whether it will hold up, especially if Hank hears about it.

• “There were so many other ways to account for [the money]: pizza restaurants, coin op businesses, topless clubs (we’ve already worked that one over). Why in the world did Skyler have to think up gambling?” — heisenberg jr.

• “Whatever chain of events it sets in motion and where it might lead, one must not forget that the ‘gambling story’ was a very carefully calculated, premeditated power grab by [Skyler].” — Prophet

• “The story might well fall apart. But if it does, there is no other plausible explanation for the acquisition of all this money. So the next question is — will Hank turn Walter in?” — Agatha

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