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What You’re Saying About Walt’s Mortality

The commenters were speculating this week on Walt’s possible demise: Whether he’ll die in the Series Finale, how he’ll die and what it all will mean.

• “My prediction is that the cancer will come back and will be untreatable and he will go on a rampage and die in battle.” — hsjpatman

• “I still think Walt’s death will be totally random, unrelated to crime or disease. The example I always think of is a piano falling out of a window. His life will just very suddenly end.” — rockmama

• “Walt’s death on the show would probably be very symbolic and deep: He might go out in a hail of gun fire and he will have a smile on his face when he’s laying there dying.” — respect_the_chemistry

• ” I believe they will salvage some good out of him by his taking some action that will knowingly result in his death, but at the same time saves the life of someone who deserves another chance.” — heisenberg jr.

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