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Cranston Chats with Kevin Pollak, del Toro Enthuses Over Breaking Bad

This week Bryan Cranston talks Seinfeld and Breaking Bad with Kevin Pollak, while film guru Guillermo del Toro is revealed by to be a fan of the series.

Bryan Cranston discusses acting on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show: “You have to have crazy luck. You can’t account for that, but you can be ready for it by being available and knowing your craft.”

Guillermo del Toro is a Breaking Bad fan, telling, “The best writing I’ve seen in the last few years is Breaking Bad.” He also has lots of good things to say about Season 3 Episode 10, “Fly.”

To MovieWeb, actor Michael B. Jordan marvels about working on the film Red Tails: “At such a young age, I get to work with a producer like George Lucas? I get to work with Bryan Cranston?”

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