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EW Lauds Breaking Bad‘s Emmy Wins, Cranston to Host SNL

Press outlets were all about the Emmys this week, with Entertainment Weekly, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and others reporting on Bryan Cranston’s and Aaron Paul’s wins. Meanwhile, Cranston announced a gig to host Saturday Night Live in October.

Entertainment Weekly praised Breaking Bad‘s Emmy wins, stating, “How great that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston won acting awards for my favorite TV series of the year thus far.”

Bryan Cranston announces on ESPN Radio that he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live in October, remarking, “In a past life… I must’ve been greatly mistreated because I don’t know why I’ve been so fortunate in this one.” SNL‘s Seth Meyers is also thrilled.

Variety points out that Bryan Cranston was the only repeat winner of an acting Emmy at this year’s ceremony.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that when Bryan Cranston was announced the winner, actor Tom Hanks gave him a standing ovation.

• Bryan Cranston tells The Hollywood Reporter that winning Emmy No. 3 “feels like the birth of a third daughter. I’m very humbled,” . (No Link)

Aaron Paul talks to EW about submitting Episode 12 to the Emmys: “There’s many layers, many levels, just different kinds of emotions [Jesse] was trying to fight.”

Aaron Paul tells Variety he hopes the Emmy will “give me some longevity on the show.”

• Kevin Bacon bought his son the first two seasons of Breaking Bad. “That made me very happy,” Aaron Paul tells USA Today.

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