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What You’re Saying About Mike the Cleaner’s Back-Story

Commenters this week pondered Mike’s relationship with his granddaughter, exchanging theories as to what it signifies about the character.

– “I noticed that Mike and his granddaughter spend a lot of time together. Which parent is Mike’s child and where is Dad? Just wondering because there could be a plot line there.” — bullieboi

– “I think they want us to see that Mike has a soft spot for someone in his life: He works for Saul, but wouldn’t hesitate busting a cap in him or Walt or anyone that Gus wants dead.” — respect_the_chemistry

-“The only reason they show scenes of Mike’s granddaughter is to paint him as a cold-blooded killer while at the same time being a loving family man. ” — B Dawg

– “I don’t think Vince Gilligan and the gang put in many random people or events. So yes, the questions about Mike (an interesting and well-acted character, by the way) and his granddaughter are definitely worth pondering.” — rockmama

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