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What You’re Saying About Bryan Cranston’s SNL Potential

Betty White’s turn as host on Saturday Night Live was dope, so why should it be any different for Breaking Bad‘s leading man? Commenters this week began their lobbying to give Bryan Cranston (and a few other cast regulars) a shot at SNL‘s center stage.

• “I can’t remember the last time I watched SNL, but I would watch if Cranston was the host. Bob Odenkirk would be a good choice too.” — Tony Almeida

• “He never has [hosted]? He would be hysterical. I think it would really be a hoot if it was Bryan and Aaron.” — Jamm56

• “Yes Bryan should host SNL. Yes Aaron should. And yes, I do believe that Aaron and Betty White should do scene together. Sublime.” — tweeders1

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