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Breaking Bad Season 3 Crew Interviews

This year, Breaking Bad earned seven Emmy nominations, among them ones for best drama, cinematography, directing, single-camera picture editing, and sound editing. (Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul got nominated too for acting awards.) While we didn’t get to interview all the nominees (yet), did sit down and talk with creator Vince Gilligan and cinematographer Michael Slovis as well as the men responsible for Breaking Bad‘s musical score. Excerpts follow.

• “We’ve got some big drama at the end of Season 3, and it’s going to lead, I imagine, to bigger drama in Season 4. But I’m also a little nervous about getting Walt out of the mud.” — Vince Gilligan (Creator, Executive Producer)

• “I want to give everything its own kind of palate… When we are in the house, I play counter to what’s been going on in the White house and try to keep that very warm and cozy… then for exteriors, I always go for the bluest New Mexico sky I can.” — Michael Slovis (Cinematographer)xyz

• “I have become extremely adept at watching Bryan Cranston’s forehead for just the right wrinkle in his furrowed brow to know when the music should start.” — Dave Porter (Composer)

• “I never would have said, ‘Oh we’re going to end up with a lot of Caribbean music in this [show],’ but in a weird way the sense of humor of the show… seems to work really well with Caribbean music.” — Thomas Golubic (Music Supervisor)

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