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Variety Talks Emmys, Weighs Cranston’s Chances for a Three-peat


Variety is all about the Emmys this week, so naturally Breaking Bad makes several appearances in features on Best Drama, Actor and Supporting Actor.

-The best drama nominees are a gory group, and Vince Gilligan admits to Variety, “You want those moments in a television show or movie which people cannot get out of their heads.”

-In a discussion about the best drama race, Variety calls the shootout in Episode 7 “one of this year’s best action sequences on TV.” (no link)

Variety Pronounces Bryan Cranston’s attempt at an Emmy hat trick “an extremely difficult task,” but offers, “the former Malcolm in the Middle thesp has proven he’s been more than up to the challenge.”

-TV insiders like Breaking Bad, so Variety predicts Aaron Paul has a good chance of winning if “those same folks are in the TV Acad.”

-In Variety‘s feature on show-runners, Vince Gilligan admits, “It’s a group effort, and I try to be a benevolent dictator, but I want things the way I want them.”

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