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Breaking Bad Criminal Aptitude Test – What the Results Tell Us

By now you’ve taken the Breaking Bad Criminal Aptitude Test — and if not, what’s stopping you? — so you know where your criminal tendencies lie. But where do you stand in relation to your fellow fans? Are you one poker-faced drug kingpin among thousands? Are you secretly nurturing your inner meth whore alone? has pored over the results to present you, the Breaking Bad community, with your group personality profile. The results:

1. Poker-Faced Drug Kingpin (Gus): 27.8 percent (25,237 votes)
2. Short-Sighted Drug Manufacturer (Walt): 17.56 percent (15,935 votes)
3. Meth Whore (Wendy): 12.5 percent (11,346 votes)
4. Cocky DEA Snitch (Tortuga): 11.6 percent (10,546 votes)
5. “Criminal” Lawyer (Saul): 10.6 percent (9,612 votes)
6. Street-Smart but Reckless Drug Dealer (Jesse): 6.77 percent (6,145 votes)
7. Homicidal Drug Dealer (Tuco): 5.27 percent (4,782 votes)
8. Shoplifter With a Tendency Toward Vandalism (Marie): 2.37 percent (2,147 votes)
9. Embezzler With a Heart of Gold (Ted): 2.07 percent (1,883 votes)
10. Street-Level Pusher and Recreational User (Badger): 1.79 percent (1,621 votes)
11. The Dealer’s Dim-Witted Thug (Gonzo): 1.6 percent (1,443 votes)

There you have it, folks. For most Breaking Bad fans, it seems, if you can’t have it all you’d rather have nothing at all. And for those of you who ended up as Gonzo, be proud. At least he respects a proper Christian burial.

Click here to take the Breaking Bad Criminal Aptitude Test again and see which other personal pathways to prison you might find yourself on.

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