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Marie’s Blog – Best. Nephew. Ever.


Hello Internet! As you’ve probably noticed, my nephew Walter, Jr. has been helping out with Hank’s blog, posting stuff and pushing the big grump to get back on the e-horse.

Anyway, reading Walter, Jr.’s entries, I realized that I’ve been so focused on Hank and helping him get well that I’ve totally forgotten how lucky we are to have such a great nephew. He hasn’t mentioned it on the blog, but he’s been by to visit Hank every single day since this whole thing started. No matter how rude his uncle is — and believe me, since Hank started physical therapy, his potty mouth is more like a sewer — Walter, Jr. just hangs in there and comes back for more the next day. And lately he’s been hauling in Skyler’s ancient 20 pound laptop, just in case Hank is up for a little blogging.

(Sky, seriously? I think it’s time to splurge on a netbook. That poor kid is going to slip a disc hauling that thing around.)

Walter, Jr., if you’re reading this, just know that I see how hard you try to keep Hank’s spirits up. You’re the best! And if you ask me, I think your folks should buy you that… what did you call it? Stank? Whatever, you deserve it, mister!

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