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Marie’s Blog – Enough With the Secretly Dying Already


Hello, Internet. About a million years ago, I was going to write a whole post about my favorite movies. Never happened. I guess you could say the universe had different plans.

But I couldn’t sleep last night, and decided to pop in a DVD of an old Bette Davis movie, Dark Victory. I’ve watched this movie probably twenty times. I actually Tivo’d it about three years ago, and wouldn’t let Hank erase it, so finally he broke down and bought me the DVD. Then he recorded 20 hours of the Winter Olympics so he wouldn’t miss a minute of the biathalon (you know, the skiers with guns. God he loves that event.)

Anyway, the point is, I’ve got a free copy of Dark Victory here for anyone that wants it. I am officially over movies where people just decide that somebody is going to die and there’s nothing that can be done. Something can ALWAYS be done.

Also, it’s nothing but two hours of everybody lying to everyone else. Bette lies to herself that she’s not sick. The doctor finds out she’s not just sick, but dying, and doesn’t tell her. In fact, he tells her best friend, and SHE doesn’t tell Bette either. Maybe you’d feel better, Bette, if you weren’t surrounded by deception!

Then there’s this whole stupid thing where the doctor falls in love with Bette, and they’re so happy, until Bette finds out he lied to her and goes off the deep end. And just when the whole fiasco is over, and they’re living happily in Vermont, Bette realizes that’s she’s going to die in about five minutes, lies to everyone that she’s fine and then sneaks upstairs to kick off.

I could shake dying Bette Davis until her teeth rattle, except that it’s just a movie. And also Bette Davis is actually dead now.

STOP with the lying and secrecy! Shame on you, hunky black-and-white movie doctor! You took a bad situation and made it worse by pretending it wasn’t happening! If you had just opened up and told Bette the truth, she wouldn’t have wasted all those months being angry at you, running away from reality and flirting with rich divorced guys, taken in by their charm and their gourmet olives.

Deep down, she knows you are the love of her life and the sooner you open up to her and let her know how sorry you are, the sooner the two of you can get back together and enjoy however much time you have left!!

Sorry. Venting. I know, just a movie.


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