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Hank’s Blog – Thinking About Stuff Lately


I almost convinced Uncle Hank to write an entry with me today. But then he was just in a bad mood. It’s a little weird him being like this. Not that he doesn’t have a right to be. I’d be as pissed off as he is. I am actually really pissed for him. I just mean I’m not used to seeing him in a bad mood. He’s always just really, like, the life of the party. Always telling crazy stories about the criminals he’s caught or people he works with.

I always thought he had the coolest job. He gets to chase these bad guys, and carry a gun, and bang down doors. He always calls those battering rams “keys to the city” which is hilarious. Anyway, I don’t know… my Uncle Hank is the most badass guy I know. And I always had fun hearing his stories. He was in a shootout a little while ago and he didn’t talk about it much, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

And now he’s here in the hospital because of his job. It’s hard. I still think he’s awesome, obviously, and that his job is really cool and important, but it feels a lot more real now. I feel kinda bad because I kept asking him so many questions when he got into that shootout last time. I just thought it was cool, and I never really thought about what if he hadn’t had his gun and been ready? It’s scary to think about. I’m just glad he’s okay. He’s the best uncle ever, and not just because he has a cool job fighting bad guys. He’s just a great guy I know I can always count on.

Anyway, I’m gonna keep working on him to write an entry. Even if I have to threaten to write really embarrassing stories about him if he doesn’t.

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