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Hank’s Blog – How to Make Fly Fishing Slightly Less Boring


It’s Walter, Jr. I asked my uncle if he wanted to update. I told him I could bring my mom’s laptop in and type the entry up for him and everything, but he’s still not feeling up to it.

I don’t want to just let the blog kinda go dark or whatever, so I figured I’d write some stuff until he’s feeling a bit better. He’s always talking about his blog with me and telling me about all the people who read it and leave him notes. He thinks it’s funny that so many of you give him a lot of crap. But, you know, he’s really good at giving crap back. He gives me crap all the time. I think it’s his favorite hobby. But sometimes a good opportunity comes up for me to pick on him. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does, I jump all over it.

This one time, Uncle Hank took me fishing. I know, we live in Albuquerque — where can you fish here? Well, there’s lots of places: Jemez, Pecos. Anyway, he’s, like, really into fly fishing, which is about the most boring thing you can do ever. I know they made some movie about it, but seriously… I’d rather change my sister’s diapers for a whole day than stand in some stream for hours. Yeah, so like, three hours of sitting on rocks while Uncle Hank drinks beer and talks on and on about the different kind of flies or whatever, and I’m so ready to go home. (He totally promised we’d get ice cream after.)

Anyway, I finally convinced him that we should leave because my legs were cramping from sitting on the rocks. So he mumbles a few words he thinks I can’t hear and starts making his way back to me through the water. Then, he totally slips and falls flat on his butt. His head just disappeared right under the water — his mouth was in this, like, little “O” shape. I was laughing so hard when he came back up. Then he started shouting a few words I don’t think he cared that I did hear. Man, I gave him so much crap on the way home. It was awesome.

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