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Marie’s Blog – Marie’s Movie Night


Hello Internet! These days, it seems like Hank’s job has been keeping him out until all hours, so I’ve been having a lot of movie nights lately — you know, watch some of my old favorites, especially movies that Hank doesn’t enjoy. (Or, as he puts it: would “rather have my nads vise-gripped.”)

The first movie night was a bit of an accident — I stumbled upon a movie I used to love, and as soon as I saw the opening credits, I had to watch the whole thing. Here’s the thing: It turns out that Xanadu is really not good. I mean… wow.

Poor Gene Kelly! He’s a former big band clarinet player-slash-club owner-slash… builder? I think? It was a little hard to watch the non-musical portions of the movie, and I kept having this overwhelming desire to run to the kitchen for a glass of water. The kind of water with booze in it.

Look, I was very, very young when I saw Xanadu, and at the time I totally neglected to notice that the story makes no sense. You should know that I was a very gifted roller skater from a very early age. Naturally, I would be very smitten with a film that contains several scenes of choreographed roller skating!

Also, I owned the Xanadu soundtrack album and the music is actually pretty good, if you didn’t know about or black out all memory of the movie that it plays over.

Anyway, the good news is that this unfortunate experiment inspired me to track down a couple movies that I haven’t seen in years, and guess what? Most of them actually held up!

Oh, cripes, I gotta get cracking on dinner. These veggies aren’t going to stir fry themselves! Stay tuned — I’ll tell you about the rest of my picks next week.

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