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Marie’s Blog – For Better or Worse, on Vacation and on Stakeouts


Hello, Internet!

Well, I guess TWO can play the “reading your spouse’s blog” game. A certain DEA agent read my blog and figured out that I am reading his blog. But how else can I find out exactly what’s crawled up his patootie?

So here’s a little something that Mr. Need-to-Know needs to know: There is such a thing as giving credit where credit is due, mister. And it seems to me you might have given your loving wife a little e-“shout out” for patiently hanging in there while you chase this Pinkman person all over hell and gone, plus making sure there’s plenty of leftover chicken stirfry in the fridge when you finally come home.

Honestly, I even left out the bok choy — and I’m not sure you can call that stirfry, because then it’s just chicken and ginger — because you always complain that it tastes slimy when you reheat it. How many wives would do that? I love bok choy.

But no, by all means, focus on the fact that you’ve had a frustrating week. That’s fine. Don’t give me another thought! It’s all part of being your amazing supportive wife who’s always there for you, even when you are nowhere to be found.

If you’re drawing a blank, take a look at the picture in your wallet. The smoking hot brunette in the purple tankini? Yes, that’s me.

You took that picture when we went down to Playa del Carmen for vacation the Christmas before last. I know, “vacation” is kind of a foreign concept to you these days, along with “sleep” and “not working.”

Believe it or not, once upon a time, you actually went days, even a week without tailing a suspect or following up on some lead, and miracle of miracles, the Earth did not burst into flames. Shocking, I know.

Or maybe you should just marry Jesse Pinkman?

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