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Hank’s Blog – Gettin’ Closer Every Week


Well, it’s been another doozy of a week. I’m running on about, oh… zero hours of sleep these days. My legs are getting pretty tired, chasing down all these leads. But, persistence pays off. I mean, sure I hit a few dead-ends and made one or two questionable calls. I admit I can get a little too hands on from time to time. It’s just that I’m that dedicated to justice. Y’all will thank me later, trust me. But all the crap and self doubt drops away when you find that one thing that connects everything. That’s the sweet spot, baby.

So, I keep going with my gut, pushing forward, and lo and behold — I happened upon an interesting little piece of evidence. It’s not THE smoking gun I’m looking for, but it’s good enough for now. I’m so close to catching a certain little douchemonkey, I can practically taste it.

I know this guy — we’ve had a run-in or two in the past. The little turd seems like a complete loser — well, he IS a complete loser. But apparently, shithead’s got some big, big connections. I knew it before, but I didn’t have the evidence. Now though? Man, that cheesedick’s gonna be begging for mercy once I get the last piece into place and nail his sorry little ass.

And since I’m so busy on this whopper of a case, my partner’s been kind enough to take over the El Paso gig for a little while. That’s right, Gomie’s making a run for the border! I got a feeling it’ll come natural for him. I know some of you are probably thinking I’m hurt or upset by this, but I’m happy as a clam! Gotta throw the little guy a bone every now and then. It can’t be easy being partners with someone who’s so much smarter and more handsome than you are.

So yeah, I’ve got nothing but happy thoughts for Gomie on his new assignment. I do have a couple words of advice for my pal, though. First of all, show ’em who’s got the bigger cojones and don’t let those Texas hombres push you around. And most importantly… avoid those desert tortoises. They’re slow, but they pack a punch.

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