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TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly Can’t Wait for Season 3

This week TV Guide is giving clues to the upcoming season while The Wall Street Journal notes Breaking Bad‘s theatrical background.

TV Guide throws out some tidbits about the upcoming season from creator Vince Gilligan: In Season 3, “we’re going further down the dark river of Walter White’s soul,” Gilligan says.

• More playwrights are turning to television, says The Wall Street Journal, noting that two of Breaking Bad‘s staff writers are formerly of the stage.

Entertainment Weekly calls Breaking Bad television’s “wildest, most unpredictable series,” placing it at No. 2 on the magazine’s list of the ten best TV shows to watch this spring.

• The Detroit News anticipates Breaking Bad‘s Sun., Mar. 21 premiere, noting of Walter White, “His wife and kids are gone but he has all this money and guilt. Get ready for a great season.”

• Vince Gilligan discusses Breaking Bad in a Writers Guild Foundation series called “Anatomy of a Script,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Breaking Bad crossed over with NBC’s The Office this week: Andy (Ed Helms) explains he was almost named Walter Jr. (Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly, Twittered that “Even if I didn’t watch [Breaking Bad], I would tivo it, because it looks cool to have on my tivo.)

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