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Marie’s Blog – I Just Called to Say I Love You


Hello Internet!

I don’t know how many of you are reading a certain blog by a DEA agent, but for the record, if I could have any superpower, I would not choose invisibility.

No, I would like the ability to silence a certain idea-stealing husband I know before he goes and writes a whole entry about serving jury duty when that was going to be the subject of MY next blog post. And if I could possibly force him to zip it before he makes another crack about his future wife, Shania Twain? Even better.

Since Mr. Gets All His Ideas From Me has already covered the fabulous adventure that is jury duty, I’ve decided to write about another important rule to live by:

Don’t keep secrets from your sister. Or other people who are close to you and only want to support you in your time of need. I mean, what is even the point of inviting me for a nice chat if you’re just going to tell me to stop prying?

First of all, it’s not prying. Say, hypothetically, that one is in court-mandated therapy. When one’s court-mandated therapist asks how one is doing, is that prying? Okay, I agree, it might SEEM like prying, but it turns out no, that is actually being a compassionate listener.

Secondly, we’re talking about my brother-in-law Walt here, so honestly, how bad could it be? He’s possibly the stick-in-the-mud-est human being on the face of the Earth. (I’m sorry, but it’s true. One year he came to our Halloween party dressed up as a sodium chloride molecule.)

You know what? If caring about my sister and being there for her is considered prying, then fine, I’m guilty as charged.

But it’s only because I love you, Skyler. I pry because I care.

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