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Marie’s Blog – Role Models


Hello Internet! Back when I was bribing my nephew Flynn to help me set up this blog, I planned to call it “Let Them Eat Cake.” But Walter, Jr. said that made it sound like I was one of those novelty bakeries that make cakes shaped like Sandia Peak or the Titanic, so we went with “Marie’s Blog” instead.

Which is fine, because this IS my blog, but sometimes I wish we’d gone with the original idea. It just seems a little snappier, you know? Plus, I am a huge fan of Marie Antoinette. Love her!

Look, I know my history. Yes, Hank, I know, she made some mistakes. And granted, things did not end well.

If you ask me, people are way too hard on Marie Antoinette. It’s not like she ASKED to be the Queen of France. People say she was insensitive and out of touch, but hello! When she found out that the peasants didn’t have any bread, did she blame them? Did she criticize their lack of advance planning? NO! She tried to help! She problem-solved! Okay, so they don’t have bread. Here’s a thought: What about eating cake?

And what did she get for trying to help? They chopped off her head. Isn’t that just typical? Somebody gets themselves in a big mess, and when you try to be a good sister and help out, WHAM! Down comes the guillotine. Next thing you know, it’s “apologize for this” and “say you’re sorry for that” and “you know what you did” and “don’t play dumb with me, Marie.” Honestly! It’s enough to make you wonder why you even bother.

I’m just saying, maybe there are worse jobs, but being the Queen of France isn’t all puppies and cupcakes either.

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