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Late-Night Breaking Bad Encores Coming in March

For some fans, the only way to prepare for a new season of Breaking Bad is to watch every episode that precedes it again and again. We hear you. And if you’re a night owl (or if you have a DVR), here’s your opportunity to relive every “Bad” moment in Walter White’s transformation from milquetoast chemistry teacher to stone-cold kingpin.

For a week and a half starting on Tue., Mar. 9 at 3:30AM | 2:30 C, AMC will begin late-night airings of all 20 episodes. The encores begin that night with the first two episodes of the Season 1, and continue with two or so episodes per night through Thu., Mar. 18 at 4AM | 3C, when the last two Season 2 episodes air.

Look after the jump or click here to see the complete late-night encore schedule.

Season 1
Episode 1, “Pilot”
: Tue., Mar. 9 at 3:30AM | 2:30C
Episode 2, “Cat’s in the Bag…”: Tue., Mar. 9 at 4:30AM | 3:30C
Episode 3, “…And the Bag’s in the River”: Wed., Mar. 10 at 3:30AM | 2:30C
Episode 4, “Cancer Man”: Wed., Mar. 10 at 4:30AM | 2:30C
Episode 5, “Gray Matter”: Thu., Mar. 11 at 4AM | 3C
Episode 6, “Crazy Handful of Nothin'”: Thu., Mar. 11 at 5AM | 4C
Episode 7, “A No Rough-Stuff-Type-Deal”: Fri., Mar. 12 at 4AM | 3C

Season 2
Episode 1, “Seven-Thirty-Seven”
: Fri., Mar. 12 at 5AM | 4C
Episode 2, “Grilled”: Sat., Mar. 13 at 4AM | 3C
Episode 3, “Bit by a Dead Bee”: Sun., Mar. 14 at 4AM | 3C
Episode 4, “Down”: Sun., Mar. 14 at 5AM | 4C
Episode 5, “Breakage”: Mon., Mar. 15 at 3AM | 2C
Episode 6, “Peekaboo”: Mon., Mar. 15 at 4AM | 3C
Episode 7, “Negro Y Azul”: Mon., Mar. 15 at 5AM | 4C
Episode 8, “Better Call Saul”: Tue., Mar. 16 at 3AM | 2C
Episode 9, “4 Days Out”: Tue., Mar. 16 at 4AM | 3C
Episode 10, “Over”: Wed., Mar. 17 at 3:30AM | 2:30C
Episode 11, “Mandala”: Wed., Mar. 17 at 4:30AM | 3:30C
Episode 12, “Phoenix”: Thu., Mar. 18 at 4AM | 3C
Episode 13, “ABQ”: Thu., Mar. 19 at 5AM | 3C

Breaking Bad Season 3 Premieres Sun., Mar. 21 at 10PM | 9C.

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