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Postcard From the Screening Lab Tour – Breaking Bad Invades Houston’s Galleria


Hello there, kiddies! I’m writing this from the second state on our tour: Texas! People say things are bigger and better down here, and I’m starting to understand why. Shoppers at the Houston Galleria were all too happy to break bad with us in what is one of the largest and most impressive shopping destinations I’ve ever seen, coming in at 3 million square feet and over 375 stores. It’s a good thing Marie wasn’t here with us — she’d have had a kleptomania attack for sure — but it was a great place to mingle with Breaking Bad fans.

One of the greatest aspects of this journey is meeting all sorts of people along the way and hearing about their personal experiences and love for the show. Case in point, Channel Richbourg (who was kind enough to let me show you her mug shot): She was in Vegas a few months ago with her husband trying her luck at a game of blackjack when Dean Norris (Hank) pulled up a chair next to hers. As huge fans of Breaking Bad, Channel and her husband were understandably stoked. They hung out with Dean for nearly an hour, and also ended up winning big.

This weekend we’re at the Dallas Autorama, so if you’re in the neighborhood come stop on by for a free mug shot or a Breaking Bad air freshener. (I’ll bet you didn’t think we had those, but just ask Jesse about spending 24 hours a day in an RV and you’ll understand the need for odor control!) Afterwards the tour is off to Austin — and you can bet yours truly will drop a line to tell you all about it.

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