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Postcard From the Screening Lab Tour – Daytona Races to the Bus

The Breaking Bad bus tour has arrived in Daytona for the races! I have to admit, being right next to the track and hearing the thunderous roar of the racecars speed by at 200-plus miles per hour is getting me fired up — almost as fired up as Breaking Bad fans are to see us here, as evidenced by the huge turnout we’ve had at the Screening Lab. As it turns out, Nascar and Breaking Bad have a lot more in common than I originally suspected: Both feature guys performing risky maneuvers, both have a cast of colorful characters and, every once in a while, both end up in a crash.


There are more than 25,000 people that attend this race, and the energy here is contagious. When they’re not watching our six-minute trailer or getting their mug shots taken, hundreds of people camp out on the grounds and watch the races from the tops of their mobile homes. Walt would drool with envy if he saw the Winnebagos people have here — with one of these bad boys, he’d be the biggest cook in the country!

I’ve met some amazing folks who are passionate about the show. Case in point, my buddy Andy Kress from Tampa, who one time got so worked up at the end of an episode he threw his remote control at the wall! (He wanted to thank the folks at AMC for now having a broken controller.) Then there was Julie Williams, a sweet soccer mom type that marked her calender in HUGE letters for the Season 3 premiere on Sun., Mar. 21. It seems even suburban moms have a soft spot for chemistry-teachers-turned-meth-dealers.

If you’re in the area, stop by the Daytona International Speedway this weekend and tell me your Breaking Bad story. Afterward the tour heads to Texas for stops in Houston, Austin and Dallas. I’ll be blogging about all three, so stay tuned!

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