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Entertainment Weekly and The San Francisco Chronicle Love Breaking Bad in 2009

TV Guide‘s Matt Roush names Breaking Bad in his Top 10 TV shows of the year, stating that, “Far from a Wisteria Lane farce, Breaking Bad is a devastatingly ironic study of moral rot.”

The San Francsisco Chronicle lists both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in its Standout TV Actors of 2009 feature: “Cranston has — deservedly — won the Emmy…” critic Tim Goodman writes. “Paul, who was nominated for supporting actor this past season, deserved to win.”

• Goodman also includes Breaking Bad in his list of the Top 10 TV shows of 2009, explaining that “few series on television have rocketed to bona fide greatness as quick as this one.”

Vogue magazine singles out Aaron Paul in its feature on the new generation of talent, calling his Breaking Bad character “the talented, sensitive mess who proceeds by self-destruction and wins our hearts.”

Emmy Magazine runs a “Spotlight” feature on Aaron Paul in which the actor addresses Breaking Bad‘s dark humor: “These situations, if they make someone laugh,” he says, “it’s because we’re all a little demented.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette includes Breaking Bad in its list of the Best TV of 2009, claiming the “brilliant but dark drama… only increased the stakes in its second season.”

Entertainment Weekly‘s Ken Tucker lists Breaking Bad as one of his favorite series of the year and singles out Episode 202, “Grilled” as one of his favorite episodes of the year: “The most claustrophobic, tension-packed hour of TV this year?” he writes. “Ding!”

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