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Critics Point to Breaking Bad in Last-Minute Emmy Predictions

Mere days before the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, the critics are weighing in with last-minute predictions. And it’s no surprise that several have Breaking Bad on the brain.

Over at Entertainment Weekly, Ken Tucker feels ambivalent about which of his favorite AMC shows (the other being Mad Men, of course) will walk home with the Best Drama statue. But, he concludes, “If I had to narrow it to one pick (which I do), I’ll say: Breaking Bad should win.” Elsewhere in the magazine, EW writer Michael Ausiello predicts Aaron Paul will pick up the Supporting Actor trophy: “It takes a formidable actor to go toe-to-toe with Bryan Cranston,” writes Ausiello. “Voters would have to be high to disagree.”

TV Guide feels confident in selecting Bryan Cranston for a follow-up to last year’s Best Actor in a Drama win. “While Simon Baker and Gabriel Byrne’s nominations are nice gestures, their roles are too subdued to reward among this company,” the magazine writes. “Michael C. Hall added daddy to Dexter’s many hats, but Cranston’s increasingly desperate portrait will move him to the fore.”

TV Guide also selects Aaron Paul as the favorite in the Supporting Actor category: “Paul’s descent into heroin addiction was both sad and willful — a hard combination to watch,” it writes. (And apparently, a hard combination not to vote for.) As for whether or not Breaking Bad can win best series? “A lot of fans in the Academy (remember Bryan Cranston’s win last year?) could be good news for Breaking Bad.”

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