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Talk Forum and Comments – What You’re Saying awards the Talk forum commenters quoted in our weekly “What You’re Saying” post with prizes like a Breaking Bad poster or a Breaking Bad T-shirt (limit one per person).

Fans this week expressed their excitement over Breaking Bad‘s five Emmy nods — especially Aaron Paul’s Outstanding Supporting Actor nomination. In the same vein, fans discussed what they’d like to see for Paul’s Jesse in Season 3.

• “I have to say I’m absolutely thrilled to see all these well-deserved (especially Aaron!) nominations… I think Paul deserves a trophy for bringin his game on par with last year’s best actor.” — Pamala

• “I didn’t see Aaron Paul on any nomination prediction list, so it was great to see his name this morning on the only list that counted.” — Tony

• “I would like to see Jesse go clean for the start of Season 3 and get himself in shape in an homage to the workout scene in Taxi Driver. (Aaron Paul, remake of Taxi Driver, Hmm…)” — sosuapete

• “Lets see…we left Jesse in LALA land (not los angeles), Skyler on her way out as well… Skyler will find out the truth, but maybe she will get it from an unexpected source, such as a recovering Jesse.” — serenity69

• “Breaking Bad MUST win all Emmys! That’s because nothing on television can come even CLOSE to this show! If Aaron Paul does not get an Emmy for those amazing performances, especially the heartbreaking ones at the end of Season 2, then faith in the Emmys will be diminished. (Even more than it already is).” — opngate

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