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Talk Forum and Comments – What You’re Saying

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Predictions for Season 3, a scenario where Jesse would kill Walt and a debate over whether Walt should keep teaching all had Breaking Bad‘s fans talking this week.

• “My predictions for possible scenarios for season three:
-Gus has Walt Jr. (aka Flynn) kidnapped…
-Part of the airplane wreckage lands on Skyler as she is driving, plunging Walt into further despair and making him even more ruthless and coldblooded
-Jesse undergoes some sort of spiritual awakening while in rehab and turns his back on Walt
-Walt starts getting high on his own supply and becomes a stone cold killer. Hank is first to go because Walt is paranoid & thinks that Hank must be on to him. Next is Jesse. Skyler, Flynn, and the baby are killed on the last episode after Walt, who has been awake for two weeks, finally loses his marbles.” — jl32175

• “I don’t think Jesse will ever be killed off the show, he is too
big a part of the storyline. It may be more the other way round, Walt
would never be killed off the show either, but Jesse will definitely
try when he finds out about Walt watching Jane die.” — mikedee

• “I hope Walt quits his teaching job because there’s nothing for
him there anymore now that his wife wants him out. The fact that he’s a
teacher, teaching boring classes has been well and truly established
and the writers no longer need to slow down the show’s pace by filming
in the classroom which is painful to watch. Maybe he’ll even sweet talk
his way into a job with Gretchen & her husband and then sneakily
ruin them.” — Brett

• “I’ve always liked the idea of him [Walt] continuing to teach high
school while doing his drug deals at the same time. I think that’s a
core aspect of the show’s premise that highlights the extreme dichotomy
between Walt’s old life and his new Heisenberg persona. Basically, if
he stopped being a teacher then he would just be a drug dealer, and
thus (potentially) not quite as interesting. Especially if he’s not
going to be around his family as much in the next season, then there
won’t be anything left to keep that aspect of the show alive, assuming
that the old Walt is to continue existing at all.” — stormsiren609

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