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Talk Forum and Comments – What You’re Saying

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Death was on Breaking Bad fans’ minds this week, as they discussed whether Walt would kill Jesse and what other characters should be killed off in Season 3. Fans also debated the reasons why Walt might continue cooking, now that he’s attained financial security.

• “If Walt kills Jesse he no longer has the loyal pawn. Who will he share his horrible dark secrets with? Skyler is gone and will not understand, Walter Jr. is too much of a good guy and would be crushed by the truth…Walt would have no one to turn to.” — Sassifrass

• “They’ve gone through a lot together, and Walt knows that it’s just Jesse’s stupidity that causes him to be somewhat of a liability…Jesse doesn’t really do anything negative to Walt out of spite. What I’d like to see them explain though, is how Jesse gets back into the game. I don’t think Walt would let Jesse anywhere near the drug business after what he just went through.” — easilyjaded

• “I think Skyler needs to go…It would free up Walt to go wild and it would give Walter Jr. a much bigger role. He would have to raise his sister and himself, and Walt would have to make it (live) two more years until Walter Jr. reached 18 so he could become his sister’s legal guardian.” — sully

• “I do believe Walt will keep cooking now that Skyler left. Why not! I don’t think that Walt needs Skyler.” — rainalg

• “Walt will keep [cooking] for possibly two reasons: 1. He is to addicted to the easy lifestyle and likes making money this easily. 2. Gus, now that he knows about Walt’s real life, is going to blackmail him for more, especially since it’s sold for so much.” — toor24

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