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Win a Breaking Bad Hoodie


Want to dress like Jesse (or at least come close)? Here’s your chance to be the proud owner of a Breaking Bad zip-up hoodie. Tell us: What do you think Walt could say to win Skyler back?

We’ll randomly pick a winner from the comments below and award a sweatshirt.

We’re giving away a hoodie every week, so be sure to check the Breaking Bad blog for this week’s winner and next week’s question.

Look after the jump to see last week’s winner.

Question: What do you think will happen in Season 3?

Winner: Dutch: “Walt is going to see the news story about the crash, recognize Donald from the bar, learn that he was Jane’s father and because he didn’t do anything to stop her from dying when he could’ve, he will feel somewhat responsible for the plane crash. Meanwhile, Skyler will tell Marie about her troubles at home and Walt’s secretive behavior. This, along with some other factors, will get Hank’s mind running and he will start to suspect that something is weird about Walt. Walt will continue to make meth at Gus’s ‘request’ and with the family out of the house, become a little careless.”

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