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Talk Forum – What You’re Saying


Throughout Breaking Bad Season 2, will award Talk forum commenters quoted in our weekly “What You’re Saying” post with prizes like a Breaking Bad poster or a Breaking Bad t-shirt (limit one per person).

Breaking Bad‘s explosive Season Finale left the Talk forum divided — some were happily surprised with the teddy bear’s origin, others felt cheated. Fans also chattered about Jesse’s situation in rehab and debated Skyler’s decision to walk out on Walt.

• “I think we had talked each other into believing the ending would be a more personal tragedy for Walt, but a plane crash over his house is a pretty big deal. The chain of events over the 2 seasons has been kind of like a Greek tragedy. Genius!” — rockmama

• “I really liked the episode until the ending’s Crash-like coincidence… I couldn’t suspend disbelief. The NTSB van, the two black plumes, and then Jane’s dad is an air traffic controller? It’s a letdown.” — SteveH

• “The plane-crash was symbolic. It was hyperbole — it signified the devastation Walt has caused. Very tasteful in its grandiosity.” — hantamouth

• “I’m willing to bet Jesse never thought he’d end up in a ritzy sweat lodge spa to get clean! What a difference money has made for him. I’m rooting for you Jesse — now that you’ve hit bottom, you’ve got a chance to Get Good.” — tj

• “I sobbed along, with and for Jesse. How in the hell he found his way to that miserable shooting gallery, I don’t know.” — Alexis

• “One big question I have has to do with Skyler, Marie and Hank: If Skyler is leaving her husband with cancer and a newborn baby, what excuse did she give to Marie and Hank? How much did she tell them about the doctor’s bills? She would have to have a MAJOR reason for leaving Walt like this.” — jayne137847

• “Walter did all of what he did for her — for their family, for her very survival. And Skyler leaves him!? I couldn’t decide on Skyler for the longest time, but now I’ve finally decided. I do not like her and I cannot identify with her decisions.” — Kristina

• “The show is definitely from the POV of a male… We are privy to his desire to leave the family financially secure. She is not… Then she finds out she has been lied to and duped. It is a sheer unadulterated betrayal.” — kos

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