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Talk Forum – What You’re Saying

Baseball_Hat_300x250.jpg awards its Talk forum commenters quoted in our weekly “What You’re Saying” post with prizes like a Breaking Bad baseball hat or a Breaking Bad t-shirt (limit one per person).

How badly has Walt broken? Will Jesse follow Walt’s lead or reform himself? And don’t forget Hank — will he join Walt and Jesse’s operation? These were some of the questions on viewers’ minds this week.

• “I would say that Walt is already so deep into the dark side that he’s going to have to become Mother Teresa to get out… Didn’t Walt morally leave decency behind the moment he started cooking meth?” — tweeders1

• “Walt… has found this new freedom of independence from Skyler and in a sense, likes it. This freedom makes him feel alive again, a sense of empowerment that he probably never had in his lifetime.” — Lindas555

• “How do you figure Walt’s gone completely to the dark side? He chose to get Jesse himself in the drug den, and held him in his arms when he broke down. Yes he watched Jane choke in her own vomit but weeped during. He had no choice.” — maddy25

• “Jesse is the axle of the show’s future story line. I fear that Jesse will get clean and Walt will drag him back into drug use. Walt doesn’t use, but having Jesse around meth all the time will mean that, sooner or later, Jesse will crawl back into that pipe.” — sweetposey

• “More and more Walt has become the less sympathetic character. I am rooting for Jesse to overcome his addiction, see Walt for what he has become, reunite with his family and make peace with what happened with Jane.” — bikebird

• “Several clues suggest Hank will join Walt and Jesse and become an integral part of their operation… My guess is that Hank’s metamorphosis from law man to drug dealer will be the primary focus of season three.” — BreakBad10

• “I love Hank’s character, I don’t want him to become a drug dealer. Hank ‘s exterior is tough and no nonsense, but as the storyline progresses, he’s emerging as a John Goodman ‘Teddy Bear.'” — rosejones

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