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Talk Forum – What You’re Saying

Tshirt_250x250.jpg awards its Talk forum commenters quoted in our weekly “What You’re Saying” post with prizes like a Breaking Bad t-shirt or a Breaking Bad baseball hat (limit one per person).

With Season 2 over, the fans are speculating over what Walt’s going to tell Skyler in Season 3. Plus, there’s more talk about that plane crash viewers still can’t get out of their minds.

• “Walt might come up with the story of being a bookie. It would explain the second cell phone, the long absences (to Vegas), the cash only payments. It is a cash-only, more-forgivable crime that might be spun to get Skyler’s forgiveness.” — Jeff Hauge

• “Walt will tell the truth. Skyler will have no part in believing an uncle gave him the money, or he won it in Vegas. (Even though I think that is a great idea!) It looked as if Walt wants to come clean… this is ripping him apart internally.” — DrakeFlix

• “Walt can’t tell Skyler the truth about the meth and the money. His hidden life from Sky (as well as everyone else) is one of the essential tension points in the plot. No, he will either come up with another lie or somehow avoid addressing the issue altogether.” — EddieH

• “If Walt’s connection with Jesse is discovered by Skyler, then Hank will inevitably find out. He has all the evidence to implicate Walt as Heisenberg, so I think any new lies that Walt tells will fall apart pretty quickly, at least in Hank’s mind.” — Breaking Better

• “Walt should have spent his time covering all of his tracks, and looking at all possibilities, and having a plan for each one. It’s what I would have done, and it sounds like it is what Gus does… In short, Walt should have done his homework!” — tooty toot toot

• “The plane crash was a fantastic use of symbolism. It was the perfect culmination of the downward spiral everyone’s life was taking: crash and burn. The little stuffed animal was the perfect use to symbolize the loss of innocence.” — heymare66

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