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Breaking Bad Season 2 Interviews – The Crew

Season 2 is over, but that doesn’t mean there you can’t still immerse yourself in Breaking Bad. Go behind-the-scenes to hear from the men and women working on the other side of the camera to make Walter White’s world an on-screen reality with’s exclusive crew interviews.

• “I think certain characters deserve and demand redemption. I love a happy ending as much as anybody… I’d like to take a page from Grimm’s Fairy Tales and perhaps have that kind of an ending for some, if not all of our characters.” — Vince Gilligan (Creator)

• “My job is not just to do lighting and set up shots but to make sure the lighting and the shots reflect the scene in the most effective way. If I’m moved by what I see, then I know we’ve done well.” — Michael Slovis (Director of Photography)

• “Blowing up the turtle with Tortuga’s head on it for Episode 7 was awfully complicated… I’ve never tested an explosion that much. What looks like one explosion is actually nine separate explosions, quickly timed.” — Dennis Petersen (Special Effects Supervisor)

• “The most important thing that came from Vince was that we always tried to stay real, but with a little tweak. If something seemed too right, or too pretty or too wrong we always went back to that mantra.” — Scott Clark (Location Manager)

• “It was very important to create a warm enough color for our universe so that the actors felt real in it. The White house, for example: You had to feel that family had been there for a long time, and it was real for them. We built it in two weeks for the pilot and it’s still sitting there.” — Robb Wilson King (Production Designer)

• “I appreciate my role as an actor much more after I direct because it’s just easier. You’re focused on what you as a character want and need and how to go about getting it. As a director you’re worried about everyone.” — Bryan Cranston (Episode 1 Director)

• “The intention of this episode was to make it so psychologically terrifying. That had everything to do with the acting of it and the writing of it. All I had to do was aim the camera right.” — Charles Haid (Episode 2 Director)

• “Bryan quite enjoys taking his clothes off… When I yelled ‘Action!’ Bryan was supposed to walk down the aisle and stop. Instead, he started taking items off the shelves… Then he picks up a can of coffee, turns around and yells, ‘Hey guys, coffee on special for 99 cents!'” — Terry McDonough (Episodes 3 and 8 Director)

• “Part of the fun of watching Breaking Bad is that you’re watching a tragedy unfold. In L.A., we have helicopters always flying around filming a car being chased at 90 miles an hour. You’re certain the end is gruesome, but you can’t pull your eyes away.” — John Dahl (Episode 4 Director)

• “Bryan and I developed a mutual understanding: I would say, “Do this, do that,” and then, “Just do ‘Walt face.'” It’s suppressed anger, suppressed frustration.” — Johan Renck (Episode 5 Director)

• “That’s what [addicts] are really like — you never know when they’re going to hug you, kiss you or kill you. When those druggies are in the living room and Jesse starts yelling and screaming at them, he goes right to the edge of himself. And then when the kid comes in he becomes something completely different.” — Peter Medak (Episode 6 Director)

• “In your first date, the most frightening thing in the world is, how do I touch the girl?… That’s real. That makes your skin crawl. It’s not slamming her on the tabletop and f—ing her brains out. That’s just white male fantasy.” — Felix Alcala (Episode 7 Director)

• “We wanted to show that Walt and Jesse have hit the big time. I wanted it to look impressive… The message is that Walt and Jesse are getting really good at cooking meth, and the ultimate result is fantastic.” — Michelle MacLaren (Episode 9 Director)

• “This was a definitely a quieter episode. Vince was calling it the Mad Men episode because it’s more an in-Walt’s-head kind of show… a more internal drama with Walt and Jesse, which I thought was a nice change of pace.” — Phil Abraham (Episode 10 Director)

• “It’s an amazing advantage to have someone who writes that visually, because there are going to be all these fun moments and fun shots that [Vince has] actually crafted into the script. It’s not that I’m lazy, but if someone is actually giving me that much to work with and it’s all completely appropriate to the material, of course I’m going to use it.” — Adam Bernstein (Episodes 11 and 13 Director)

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