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Video – Inside Breaking Bad‘s Special Effects, The Tortoise Scene

Go behind-the-scenes of Breaking Bad to hear from the men and women who make Walt’s life a television reality. First, watch Special Effects Supervisor Dennis Petersen explain how he pulls off Breaking Bad‘s signature “underneath” shots, how he made Jesse’s car dance during the shootout with Tuco and how a plaster cast protected Krysten Ritter from Aaron Paul’s violent CPR.

Then we have good news for those of you without iPhones: A video that was previously exclusive to AMC’s iPhone app is now available online. Check out the making of the tortoise scene in Episode 7, “Negro y Azul,” where consulting producer John Shiban explains the Mexican drug cartel’s calling card, Vince Gilligan describes the meticulous detail that goes into putting a decapitated head on a live tortoise — and then blowing it up — and Dean Norris relates how the finished product is quintessentially Breaking Bad.


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