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You Could Be on Breaking Bad – Finalists Announced


Two months of rallying fans, friends and families have paid off for eighteen contestants, whose video submissions have made it into the final round of the “You Could Be on Breaking Bad Contest.” Special kudos go to Tom Kruszewski and Chad Nikolaus, both of whom have two videos that placed in the Top 20. But the work isn’t over yet, folks: Everyone goes back to zero for the final round of voting, which closes May 18 at 5PM | 4C. You have until then to let series creator Vince Gilligan know who you think deserves to be in a Season 3 episode. Our finalists are relying on your votes and comments to push them over the top, so log on to cast your ballot today!

Take the jump to see the Top 20 or click here to visit the contest site.

The Top 20 Entries From the First Round:

Tim Friedman Breaks Bad (Bowling Green, OH)

Derrick Collins Breaks Bad (Colombus, OH)

Daniel Janis Breaks Bad (Columbia, MD)

Ronnie Nase Breaks Bad (Boyertown, PA)

Gadi Respes Breaks Bad (Mays Landing, NJ)

Jane Parsons Breaks Bad (Fresno, CA)

Anthony Terbush Breaks Bad (Los Angeles, CA)

Luke Soroko Breaks Bad (Aurora, CO)

William Howard Breaks Bad (Fort Worth, TX)

Chad Nikolaus Breaks Bad 2 (Oshkosh, WI)

Angie Griffin Breaks Bad (Osh Kosh, WI)

Liesel Kopp Breaks Bad (Los Angeles, CA)

Tom Kida Breaks Bad (Wood-Ridge, NJ)

Nicole Whitney Breaks Bad (Indianapolis, IN)

David Levin Breaks Bad (Brooklyn, NY)

Tom Kruszewski Breaks Bad (Commerce, MI)

Chad Nikolaus Breaks Bad (Oshkosk, WI)

Jeff Mills Breaks Bad (Portland, OR)

Tom Kruszewski Breaks Bad (Commerce, MI)

Shalita Grant Breaks Bad (New York, NY)

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