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Talk Forum – What You’re Saying


Throughout Breaking Bad Season 2, will award Talk forum commenters quoted in our weekly “What You’re Saying” post with prizes like a Breaking Bad baseball hat or a Breaking Bad poster (limit one per person).

Fans debated this week whether Walt did the right thing in letting Jane die in Episode 12, and wondered what effect her death will have on Walt and Jesse.

• “Walt has crossed the line. He has become the villain of the piece.
Jane was a human being, and he had no right to kill her. When his
punishment hits, it will have to be severe, like a death to someone he
loves, for me to back him again. For now I am waiting for that, and
rooting for Jesse.” — thewaymouth

• “I strongly disagree with anyone who says that Walt is responsible for her death. Yes, Walt did not come to her rescue, but he also did not put the needle in her arm. It is tragic, but her story happens all the time.” — Soul Laundering

• “I think after Jesse finds Jane dead, he’s going to hit absolute rock
bottom, and something like this is usually needed for an addict to
change behavior, and may lead to his ‘Phoenix.'” — MHJim

• “Jesse will rise from the ashes my friends… cheers.” — DepraveDave

• “I never particularly liked Jane’s character but was touched by
her relationship with Jesse in the beginning. Jesse is far, far better
off without her. He will carry the pain of losing her with him for a
long, long time though… most likely for the rest of his life.” — Slygirl08

• “There will be serious friction between Walt and Ted. Walt’s sense of
manhood and pride will prod Heisenberg into putting Ted in his place
like he did Hank. Wonder how that will play out.” — gracie

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