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You Could Be On Breaking Bad – Featured Pick

You gotta hand it to the newcomers, whose late-to-the-party video entries have created some stiff competition. Check out IT consultant Torsten Spitzka’s recent addition: Great acting, suspenseful use of location, and some pretty ace driving on his wife’s part! Can he rally the support it’ll take to zoom to the next round? Derrick Collins meanwhile has taken us at our word when it comes to courting votes; his tally of 342 has toppled Daniel Janis‘s stranglehold on the top spot by a full twenty nods.

The first round of voting ends on Monday, May 4, but cracking into the top 20 is still possible. Right now holding down 19 and 20 spots respectively are Keisha Brown (118) and Tom Kruszewske (114), and plenty of submissions are snapping at their heels. Get ready for one more big push to let friends (and friends of friends) know how close you are to the finish line. When they see you on Breaking Bad next season, they’ll be glad they chipped in.

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