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Talk Forum – What You’re Saying


Throughout Breaking Bad Season 2, will award Talk forum commenters quoted in our weekly “What You’re Saying” post with prizes like a Breaking Bad baseball hat or a Breaking Bad poster (limit one per person).

Jesse’s interaction with Spooge’s kid and Walt’s confrontation with Gretchen in Episode 6 had the Talk forum debating power shifts in Breaking Bad.

• “They’re finally showing some of the actual dark side of crank. I was feeling guilty for digging this show so hard because I’ve seen abused kids like that.” — zarp3333

• “I knew Jesse was a good kid, just mixed up. But it was stupid of him to stay there and try to help them get money out of that damn ATM. I just kept yelling, Jesse get out of there before the cops come!” — Pelinna

• “I wanted Jesse to do something for that little kid — though there are so many like him out there. I thought he’d send child services or something, but calling 911, getting the kid out and leaving? Brilliant.” — tj

• “This was an episode of yin-yang power. Walt’s dealing with his cancer and drug dealing has changed his once soft and quiet heart into a cold-blooded talking machine. On the other hand, we begin to see Jesse is not of the dregs of society as he was once made to be in the first
season.” — gaidensensei

• “I love Walt’s handling of Gretchen. Some are complaining that Walt’s becoming too unlikable, but I disagree; my only qualm is that he’s been so hateful towards Jesse. I want to see some affection for Jesse from Walt.” — pf.

• “I’m guessing Gretchen did some things Walt didn’t agree with while they were together, because despite his turn to the “bad side” he seemed to be a very straight-laced guy, that’s what caused them to break up” — LParsons7981

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