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You Could Be On Breaking Bad – Featured Pick

Ellie Kenwood may excel at bartending and martial arts, but when it comes to subduing her rivals with the butt of a shotgun she’s downright gifted. Let’s hope that killer instinct translates into hitting people up for votes — only the top 20 will remain eligible to win a Season 3 walk-on role when the entry phase of the contest ends May 4.

Leading the votes this week is Daniel Janis, who with 282 nods has kept a healthy lead over Ronnie Nase‘s 243. But breaking into the top 20 is still a manageable feat: The bottom five frontrunners all have under 80 votes — so you probably already have more than enough Facebook friends to close the gap if you get cracking on that audition video. The more seasoned contestants had better not rest either… the race is far from over.

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