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You Could Be On Breaking Bad – Featured Pick

A lot of careful planning went into Aaron Crow’s video submission: “I was going for the ‘under the glass’ shot that is used in the show,” he says. This film student is new to the competition, which means he’ll have to keep up the effort if he wants to get Vince Gilligan’s attention as a finalist. For now, Ronnie Nase still has a lock on the Number 1 slot, but he’d better watch his back — Daniel Janis‘s back-patio performance is narrowing the gap with every passing day.

With weeks left in the race, there’s still plenty of time for newcomers to submit a video and ride it to the top — so you old-comers had better keep gathering all the votes you can get. But for now, let’s go to the scoreboard:

1 Ronnie Nase Breaks Bad (Boyertown, PA) Total Votes: 207
2 Daniel Janis Breaks Bad (Columbia, MD) Total Votes: 191
3 Nicole Whitney Breaks Bad (Indianapolis, IN) Total Votes: 139
4 Derrick Collins Breaks Bad (Colombus, OH) Total Votes: 92
5 Chad Nikolaus Breaks Bad 2 (Oshkosh, WI) Total Votes: 89
6 Brenda Whitehead Breaks Bad (Los Vegas, NV) Total Votes: 85
7 Angie Griffin Breaks Bad (Osh Kosh, WI) Total Votes: 79
8 Chris Rzepka Breaks Bad (Chicago, IL) Total Votes: 78
9 Jeff Mills Breaks Bad (Portland, OR) Total Votes: 72
10 Keisha Brown Breaks Bad (Greenville, NC) Total Votes: 71

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