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Hank’s Blog – Welcome to My Blog


Hank Schrader here. Thought I’d give this whole “blog” thing a try. My nephew, Walt, Jr. was telling me all about his, saying I should get one to share my “kick ass” stories on. Finally had to give in, just to get the kid to shut up. I’m kidding — I love the little bastard. Anyway he helped me set this thing up. No idea how he did it. I’m telling you, the kid’s a freaking genius. Good looking too (just like his uncle)! Better grab him up quick girls, he’s not gonna be on the market long, I can tell you that. But seriously, he’s a great kid — not one of those punk-asses I gotta deal with all the time at my job. I’m a federal agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, so you can imagine, I deal with some serious morons. Gotta wonder about the dim-witted hordes that pass for today’s youth, but Junior here definitely gives me some hope. Not that he hasn’t had his moments, but his folks might read this, so I’m gonna stop there.

(I’m joshing you Sky and Walt – you’ve got a great kid there!)

Okay, this took me 45 minutes to type.

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