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Hank’s Blog – Family First


I’m a little distracted today because — you’re not gonna believe this — my brother-in-law’s gone missing. You can imagine, with the cancer and all, we’re pretty worried. My sister-in-law is going nuts, and my nephew…poor kid. I swear, it’s like the family’s won the world’s worst lottery. Here, can we make your life suck some more? Enough already!

I don’t know what the hell happened, but my gut is going crazy on this one. Maybe he’s confused, wandering the desert wearing his underwear on his head. Or, maybe he’s off living some alternative lifestyle. Of course, this guy probably doesn’t even know what an alternative lifestyle is.

Anyway, I’m off on some snipe hunt of a lead my wife insists I pursue. Fat lot of nothing is what I’ll find, but I gotta try everything or I’ll never hear the end of it. And, I owe it to Walt, really. He’s a good guy, that one, and like I said, we’re worried.

I’m off to track down some low level pot-dealing punk (it’s a long story). Wish me luck.

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